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Escape to another galaxy at Verger Labonté

On August 1st, the Verger Labonté at Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot will launch its 2019 season with the official opening of its famous corn labyrinths.

As usual, the team of Verger Labonté has done everything to impress visitors. With family or friends, dare to venture into a distant galaxy in one of three courses whose theme is: Galaxia, last chance for the alliance.

More than just a labyrinth, the adventure offered by Verger Labonté is a sensory experience where all your senses will be solicited to find the exit and thus be the winner.

Three courses, a great adventure

As every year, three labyrinths will be offered to visitors. Ranked according to their level of difficulty, the courses allow young and old alike to live an extraordinary experience.

The Cosmic Academy

Before being the savior of the galaxy, it is imperative to understand how the spacecraft works. In this first labyrinth, the youngest ones will have a great time having fun solving different puzzles.

The Alliance

In this journey, the greatest adventurers will have to leave for their first diplomatic mission. If they agree, they will have to meet the last ten free races in the galaxy and encourage them to work together to form bonds and form alliances.


The most reckless of all will have to do everything not to be captured by an enemy cruiser in this third labyrinth reminiscent of escape games. Through puzzles, participants will be called to save the young alliance and a mad pursuit engages across the corn and woodland.

The labyrinths of Verger Labonté are still a real success year after year. To ensure an unforgettable moment with family or friends, it is best to book through the Verger Labonté website. To learn more about the activities offered at the Orchard and U-pick, visit



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